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2017 Winter Symposium: "We’re not alone – our human microbiota in health, therapy and drug development".

  • Solutions Center at Research Triangle Park 1101 Slater Road Durham, NC, 27703 United States (map)

Abstract: The resident digestive-tract microbes of humans and other mammals are collectively referred to as the gut microbiota (or “microbiome”). There is great diversity in the gut microbiota, and collectively these microbes have been referred to as an additional “organ” that influences human health, metabolism, nutrition, physiology, immune function and drug disposition. Similar to the homeostatic pressures that maintains mammalian organ systems and host health, homeostasis between the host and gut microbiota is similarly under tight control to maintain the health of each respective system. When this biochemical and physical interaction is perturbed, the host’s health is compromised. Dysbiosis has been associated with several disease states including irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and type II diabetes, and autism to name a few. Significant research has been vested to understand the broad scope of the host-microbiota symbiosis including microbial biochemical fingerprints indicative of health or disease, microbial contributions to metabolism, pharmacokinetics and toxicities of oral therapeutics, detrimental effects of antimicrobial drugs on healthy microbiota, restoration of homeostasis and health by therapeutic modulation of the microbiota, , and microbiota metabolite characterization to create novel therapeutics. Understanding the role of microbial metabolism in health, disease and drug metabolism requires diverse perspectives and novel approaches in order to ultimately impact human and mammalian health and improve therapeutic efficacy.

Registration opens at 9:00 am; cost is $85 ($45 for pre- and post-doctoral students). First year pre-doctoral students attend free of charge. Reservations will not be accepted at the door. Reservations must be made in advance by sending confirmation/payment to Lucie Langevin by email at or by mail to PO Box 13864, RTP, NC 27709.

Reservations must be received by Tuesday, February 28th; cancellations will not be accepted thereafter.

 Reservations will be confirmed by return email; payment is expected unless a cancellation confirmation is received by the RTP-DMDG by Thursday, February 28th

 Make checks payable to the “RTP DMDG” in advance (preferred) or at the meeting.

 Credit card payments can be made at the following site at a slightly higher meeting cost, $88 ($47 for pre- and post-doctoral students)

More information and registration: